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Precision Hire take visas application request from UAE companies and assume necessary procedures to have all types of visas approved for all the workers of that company.

The chargeable rate is the most competitive one throughout the whole UAE.
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Simplify Government Procedures with Our Expert PRO Services

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Precision Hire

At Precision Hire, we understand the challenges individuals and businesses face when dealing with government-related tasks and procedures in the UAE, especially in bustling cities like Dubai. Our PRO services aim to eliminate the complexities and ensure a smooth experience by acting as a liaison between our clients and government agencies. By entrusting us with their government-related tasks, our clients can focus on their core activities, knowing that they have a dedicated team of professionals handling all the necessary paperwork, submissions, and interactions. Our expertise and experience in the field allow us to simplify the process, saving valuable time and reducing any potential stress associated with compliance.

With Precision Hire's PRO services, clients receive not only efficient assistance but also benefit from an 80% discount on our PRO services fee. We take pride in delivering a professional approach within a short period of time, allowing our clients to navigate through government procedures seamlessly and propel their businesses or personal matters forward.

What we do: We offer comprehensive PRO services to individuals and businesses in the UAE, ensuring seamless interaction with government agencies and compliance with local laws and regulations.
Who we do it for: Our services cater to both individuals and businesses who require assistance with government-related tasks in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.
What they get from the service: By utilizing our PRO services, clients can save time, reduce the complexities of government procedures, and ensure compliance, all while benefiting from an 80% discount on our PRO services fee.

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PRO Services for Business Setup

Enjoy a hassle-free business setup process with our expert PRO services. Our team will navigate through the intricate government procedures, ensuring all required documentation, permits, and licenses are obtained efficiently. From company registration to labor and immigration related tasks, we simplify the process, allowing you to focus on your business.

PRO Services for Visa Processing

Navigating the complexities of visa processing in the UAE can be overwhelming. Our PRO services facilitate smooth visa processing for individuals and businesses alike. We handle visa applications, renewals, and any additional immigration-related tasks, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements while saving our clients valuable time and resources.

PRO Services for Government Document Clearances

Obtaining necessary clearances and approvals from governmental bodies is a crucial task for individuals and businesses. Our PRO services streamline the process, ensuring all documentation and paperwork meet the required standards. From obtaining trade licenses to securing necessary permits, our team handles it all, allowing you to proceed with confidence.

PRO Services for Legal Document Attestation

Legal document attestation can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Our PRO services provide efficient document attestation services, ensuring your documents are legally recognized by government bodies and relevant authorities. From notarization to embassy attestation, we handle the entire attestation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

PRO Services for Government Communication

Effective communication with government agencies is vital for individuals and businesses in the UAE. Our PRO services act as a connector, facilitating clear and efficient communication between our clients and government authorities. Whether it's inquiries, follow-ups, or any other form of communication, our team ensures prompt and accurate responses.

PRO Services for Document Typing and Translation

Precision is crucial when it comes to document typing and translation. Our PRO services offer accurate and reliable document typing and translation in both Arabic and English. From legal contracts to business letters, our team ensures your documents are professionally typed and translated, eliminating any language barriers.

PRO Services for Document Attestation

Ensuring the authenticity and reliability of documents is essential. Our PRO services provide top-notch document attestation, giving your documents the necessary credibility for various purposes. From birth certificates to educational degrees, our team handles document attestation with precision, saving you time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does a Public Relations Officer (PRO) do?

    A PRO acts as a liaison between individuals or businesses and government agencies, assisting with government-related tasks and procedures, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

  2. Why do I need PRO services for government-related tasks?

    PRO services provide expertise and efficiency in navigating through the complexities of government procedures, saving you time and reducing stress. They ensure compliance and streamline the process for individuals and businesses.

  3. Can PRO services help with business setup in the UAE?

    Yes, PRO services play a crucial role in business setups in the UAE. They handle documentation, permits, licenses, and interactions with government bodies, simplifying the process and ensuring compliance.

  4. How can PRO services assist with visa processing?

    PRO services take care of visa applications, renewals, and any immigration-related tasks, simplifying the process and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. They save valuable time and resources for individuals and businesses.

  5. What types of government document clearances can PRO services assist with?

    PRO services handle a range of government document clearances, including trade licenses, permits, approvals, and other necessary documentation required by governmental bodies in the UAE.

  6. Why is legal document attestation important?

    Legal document attestation ensures the legitimacy and recognition of documents by government bodies and relevant authorities. It is vital for various purposes, such as employment, education, and legal matters.

  7. Can PRO services assist with communication between clients and government entities?

    Yes, PRO services act as a reliable connector, facilitating clear and efficient communication between clients and government agencies. They handle inquiries, follow-ups, and other forms of communication.

  8. Do PRO services provide document typing and translation?

    Yes, PRO services offer accurate and reliable document typing and translation services in both Arabic and English, ensuring professionalism and eliminating language barriers.

  9. How can PRO services ensure the authenticity of documents?

    PRO services handle document attestation, ensuring the necessary credibility and reliability of various documents, such as birth certificates, educational degrees, and other legal paperwork.

  10. What are the benefits of using PRO services?

    By using PRO services, individuals and businesses benefit from expertise and efficiency, saving time and reducing stress associated with government-related tasks. Additionally, Precision Hire provides an 80% discount on our PRO services fee, ensuring excellent value for our clients.