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Precision Hire take visas application request from UAE companies and assume necessary procedures to have all types of visas approved for all the workers of that company.

The chargeable rate is the most competitive one throughout the whole UAE.
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What we do

"Unlock your dreams of living and working in the UAE effortlessly with our affordable visa assistance services. We simplify the process, making it easy for everyone. Your journey to the UAE begins with us – reliable, straightforward, and budget-friendly."

Hotel sector

Energetic professionals wanted to create exceptional guest experiences in the dynamic world of hospitality.


Skilled builders and craftsmen shaping the world, one project at a time.

Health care

Compassionate caregivers dedicated to promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare for all.


Dedicated stewards of the land cultivating sustenance for a growing world.

Agriculture (hydroponic)

Pioneers in sustainable agriculture, harnessing hydroponic technology for efficient and eco-friendly food production.


Strategic minds shaping the future of finance through innovation and sound stewardship.

IT Sector

Innovators and problem solvers driving the digital revolution in the dynamic IT sector.


Innovative makers driving efficiency and excellence in the world of manufacturing.